Monday, May 20, 2013


Untitled by TheJeremyNix
Untitled, a photo by TheJeremyNix on Flickr.

I captured some stunning photos of Sylvan Lake State Park. Somewhere along the way I managed to lose a 16GB memory card with the bulk of those photos. A hard loss for me to take. I did capture some cool images with some manual film cameras I had with me, my iPhone, and a second memory card for my dslr. The first trip of the season was.... interesting.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo Essay: Colfax Ave

jnix_10_1jnix_10_9jnix_10_12jnix_10_10Colfax Ave: Pete's KitchenColfax Ave: Nats Kysk Ahead
jnix_10_3jnix_10_5Colfax Ave: Free Publicationsjnix_10_13Colfax Ave: Man on WallColfax Ave: Waiting to Cross
jnix_10_6Colfax Ave: DumpsterColfax Ave: Denver Car Washjnix_10_4jnix_10_2Colfax Ave: Out Of Business LQ
jnix_10_8Colfax Ave: Motel Bar XColfax Ave: Westside UpholsteryColfax Ave: The Westway MotelColfax Ave: Rocky Mtn Moteljnix_10_7
Colfax Ave. Photo Essay, a set on Flickr.

This is my first official attempt at a photo essay, but after spending a Saturday getting these shots I started to realize that I have been making photo essays "unofficially" for a long time. A friend's birthday party, a night at a rock show, one of my many camping excursions, all of these events and more can be turned into a photo essay.